Mahogany Red The Movie
is a story of recovery, survival, and
prevention told through the Poetry
of an African American woman in her
8th year of Suicide Survival.

This movie is designed
to be educational
without being preachy,
real and not contrived,
and to give hope

to those who are afflicted
with a mental disorder.
At the end of the movie,
I want them to say, she survived,
she struggles
but she pursues her dreams
and achieves them, and I can too.
I want their family to have
a little more understanding
of their loved one's condition
and to be able to have empathy for them
instead of sympathy for them,
and you would be surprised
at how much a difference
that makes in everyone's life.

But this is
more than a Movie!
It's a Movement!

The writer is removing her mask!
Stepping out of her comfort zone!
In order to encourage other survivors
to continue to survive!
To dissuade others with
Mental Health diagnoses from
making a suicide attempt!

In order to keep this movement
moving, we need your support
in terms of a
financial Donation.
Any amount is appreciated,
and will get us that much
closer to making this Film!
You can use the PayPal link
below to make your financial
contribution to this project!

Thanks for your time and support!


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